DESIGNER Scott Sternberg of the label Band of Outsiders has launched a stinging attack on the “dog and pony show” that he says the fashion industry revolves around. Declaring, “It doesn’t make sense,” he laments the excessive focus on catwalk shows, the power of press and buyers, and the perils of growing his company.

"I have 26 employees," he told interiors magazine Apartamento, which is not available online. "I used to do everything myself. It was 10 times easier and more enjoyable. Now I have to socialise with all these people and tell them what I want, which would be much easier to do myself."

He also singled out Tom Ford - a designer who he used to think of as a “genius” - for criticism, after he returned to the catwalk show format with his own label for the first time following seasons away.

"[Ford] launched fragrance and eyewear first and then beauty, make-up - all of it. Now these are the tertiary things that you do. Actually, that other people do with your brand, so that you make a lot of money. Now I’m like, ‘Oh my god, he’s so fucking smart,’ because he doesn’t have to do all this crap, waste all this fabric, make all these clothes that nobody is ever going to buy that’s essentially for a few stylists to shoot and is part of the ‘dog and pony show’. He just cut right to the chase. What a genius… And then all of a sudden, he’s doing menswear and opening these ridiculous stores that are so out of touch to me with where consumers are at these days, even the luxury consumer… And now, he’s showing on the runway. So I don’t know, I guess we’re not on the same page, Tom Ford and I."

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Words of thought. The Passion. The sacrifice.

The uncertainty of the other side. The uncertainty of the glory.

The faith. The pious ability of the individual.

What does all this mean? 

The desire to create on the highest level of innovation is something we crave more than anything imaginable. To unleash the young genius and change the world in the process. The insurmountable hurdles you find in your journey to this truly palatable quest is something that has so many facades to overcome but is above all, possible. Sometimes you run into a mental block and other times it is a physical burden you’ve molded upon your own life. You can’t blame anybody for the either barriers you cast upon yourself. Understandably, the path you allow god to guide you through is not always the most accommodating in the sense of making you comfortable. Your temporary contentment lurks in and you lose sight of the ultimate goal you’ve placed for your legacy. Then take one look up to god and he reminds of every moment you’ve ever endured has led of to this one, the present. 

So you sit there, thinking of your current condition. Early 20’s, no kids, and all your friends and family is stationed at home. You see, there’s clearly a comfortable connection with you and home. But what’s being comfortable if you aren’t truly happy with your impact as a human being? What’s settling for selling yourself short? It’s an extremely mentally taxing situation. As you continue to think of everything your life encompasses, you get to the ones you are in-love with, your spouse. You look in their face and realize you could never realize what your heart must realize by tagging your spouse along for the ride. Because for most, true love is more than a meeting of the minds. It’s a meeting between your heart, mind and the universe. One cannot be fulfilled without the other. Your universe will never make sense if you’ve never truly sought after your dreams and aspirations.Your journey may very well drag you all over the world by the snap of a finger, and strapping your spouse to your boot isn’t a feasible or rational task. So in this common sense, you decide to have a meeting of the minds with every person who comes across all of the aforementioned spectrum’s:

Your friends are ecstatic, your family is iffy, and your spouse is devastated. The devastation is what gets to you the most because it comes with tears, screams, history, and most importantly the uncertainty of the other side. The uncertainty of the glory.

With this mental block withstanding, your growth will be insurmountably stunted for you as a human being. You will never become the best you God has created you to be. Unless, you withhold your belief in you and your belief in your mission in life. The world will conspire in every way to stop you in your pursuit to the glory but you have all the capabilities to side step them. To push through and persevere.

The chances must be taken. The faith must be upheld. Because what can we say life was if we never attempted to live it?… Only out of fear. The options are: Total fulfillment or death by default. The meeting of the hearts with your spouse will never be enough. We are no longer our parents generation.The 9-5 job Monday-Friday, Safe planning, living for other people’s benefits will never suffice. 

I guess I needed to write this in a 3rd person perspective to understand myself what we all, including myself, continue to wrestle with in our quest to internal happiness and fulfilling our legacies. Your decision is not easy, it’s life altering. 

The gateway to your spiritual getaway is not physical happiness, but mental. 

- Junior IV

Post about nothing.

I told myself i wouldn’t ramble. Through the course of this piece I’ll try my best not to. This is my first brief statement written in 3 years. Forgive me for my hiatus, as life has taken me on a journey from boy to man. Bare with me now, i will be brief and vague:

It’s 2014. Where has the time gone? It was just 2011 a second ago; I was 19 years old, and the only thing I had on my mind was PMW. Mostly P&W. The world has transformed so dramatically since then. Culture has taken leaps and bounds since then. Everyone around me has changed so dramatically, since then. Society’s social climate has even reformed itself, for better or worse depending on who you ask. 

Then there’s me. In these last three years I’ve done more soul searching than Shang Tsung has in his lifetime. I went away from my passions of writing, producing, creating culture with my friends in order to figure out who is Junior?  At age 19, I hit that proverbial brick wall. Does Junior have the mental capability to “make it” in the real world? Does he have what it takes to change the world? The doubt crept in. And my reality sunk in. Broke, manic-depressive, lost in community college shuffle, with no end game in sight. In fear of reaching my breaking point, just like EARL, I went on my own “Samoa trip” for me and my mental relapses. I have gone through a demanding valley in my life that made me three times the man I thought I’d ever become. The lows were such a necessary evil. As the highs now will be infinite. 

The only life worth living, is happiness worth dying for. The only deterrent preventing you from attaining your happiness, is your fear of failing to attain it. To live and let go is to live and let God.

Writing is a practice some do to alleviate stress. But this isn’t my case. It’s never been my case. This has always been about expression. Expressing your despair of your inability to find yourself. Expressing the beauty of finding yourself through your curiosity and imagination. Expressing YOU in hopes you’ll inspire others to express their own soul. ART is expressive. Writing is ART. My paint brush are words. My paint brush are my views of my world. Expression is my gift to the world. 

Belief in your form of art is your belief of your purpose on earth. I’ve found myself. But yet I’m still adding…

Damn, I kind of rambled. Oh well. Shaking off the rust.

- John IV


Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaigns by Steven Klein

Behind the Scenes Video:


Lanvin Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaigns by Steven Meisel

Models: Alexander Faye, Jeremy Matos & Laurie Harding


Maison Martin Margiela Couture drawing on a receipt.


Maison Martin Margiela Couture drawing on a receipt.

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